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Learn more about the most advanced threats protection tools as well as services within Data Protection 101, our series on the basic principles of security for data.


Advanced threat prevention (ATP) is a class of security solutions that protect against advanced malware or hacking-based attacks on sensitive information. Advanced threat protection solutions may be offered in the form of software or managed services. ATP solutions may differ in their approach and the components they use, but they typically consist of a mix of endpoint agents as well as network devices, emails gateways and malware prevention devices, as well as a central management console to coordinate the alerts and control security.


There are three main goals that advanced threats protection has Early detection (detecting threat indicators prior to them having the chance to gain access to critical information or compromise systems) as well as adequate security (the capability to defend against threats quickly) and the ability to respond (the capability to reduce threats and react to threats and incidents). To accomplish these objectives, advanced threat protection services and solutions need to provide multiple components and functions that make up a comprehensive ATP:

  • real-time monitoring In the absence of constant surveillance as well as immediate visibility the dangers are often discovered too late. If damage has already been accomplished, the reaction can be expensive in terms of the cost of resources and reputation damage.
  • Context To ensure security threat alerts need to contain information that allows security teams to prioritize threats and manage responses.
  • Awareness of data It is impossible to identify threats that are likely to cause harm without having a thorough understanding of data from the enterprise as well as its sensitivity, value as well as other variables that influence the creation of a suitable response.

If a security threat is discovered an additional analysis might be required. Security services that offer ATP generally handle the analysis of threats, allowing enterprises to continue their business with constant monitoring, threat analysis and response takes place in the background. The most common way to identify threats is through the potential for damage as well as the classification or sensitivity of data at the risk. Advanced threat protection should cover three main areas:

  • Stopping attacks that are in progress or reducing threats before they compromise systems
  • Interrupting ongoing activity and countering the actions which have taken place due to an infraction
  • Interrupting the cycle of the attacker to make sure that it is not able to develop or progress.


The most significant benefit provided by the most advanced security software for threat prevention is its capability to detect, prevent and react to the latest and advanced attacks created to evade traditional security measures like firewalls, antivirus, and IDS/IPS. The attacks continue to be more focused, stealthy, and persistent. ATP solutions employ proactive steps to secure by detecting and eliminating advanced threats before data gets affected.

Advanced security services leverage this advantage by allowing the ability to connect with a worldwide network of security experts dedicated in monitoring and tracking and sharing data about new and recognized threats. ATP service providers generally have access to the world’s largest security information exchange networks for threat analysis, enhancing their threat analysis and intelligence by incorporating information from other sources. If a new and advanced threat is discovered, ATP service providers can modify their defenses so that the security of their customers is up. This worldwide group effort plays a significant role in ensuring the security of businesses across the globe.

Companies that employ sophisticated threat defense are more at identifying threats earlier and swiftly formulate the best response to minimize the damage and recuperate should an attack happen. A reputable security service will be focused on the entire lifecycle of an attack and handle threats in real time. ATP providers inform the business of any attacks that been detected, the severity that the threat was a result of, as well as the action taken in order to stop the attack from happening or limit the loss of data. In-house or as an external service advanced threat protection tools protect vital data and systems regardless of the location from which the attack is originating from or how serious the attack or threat is thought to be.

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