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Downloading AfriyWap For Your Computer

The third year of the Afriywap Festival, held in association with the City of Lagos, Nigeria, brings to you the exciting final performances by the best of this genre. This year promises even greater fireworks than last year’s edition when the City of Lagos was again transformed into a carnival atmosphere by the presence of local and international DJ’s, entertainment artists and street dancers. As always Lagos is a melting pot of various cultures and communities. In this article we take a brief look at some of the highlights.

The third installment of the successful afilmywap festival has once again pulled in the big guns, having booked a huge musical host line up comprising of the legends of pop and hip hop. Usual aficionados of this Nigerian tradition are all expecting great things from the upcoming events. Last year when urban legend Akon was coming to town many people were worried about the impact that his style of music would have on the more traditional folk music of Lagos. However this is an unfounded fear as the Nigerian pop sensation managed to charm both the music fans and the music industry itself. Akon’s two albums “After Effects” and “Black Ice” have managed to launch him into stardom status.

Other notable guest appearances include Nigerian rap sensation Papoose and UK artist Stormzy. It is expected that this year will also see the debut of the world’s first all-out fusion pop act, which will be made up of members from both Britain and France. If you haven’t checked out the afilmywap website you need to, for it has one of the widest collections of free music videos online.

So what is it about afilmywap that people from around the world seem to be so keen on downloading? The site does offer a lot of music for free. Many of its downloads include high quality versions of hit Nigerian music like Akon’s “When the levee shakes”. Others include newer material by both Afriyie and Papoose. Akon’s “Take Me Away” is another favorite, with a slow yet seductive piano ballad featuring a lovely choir.

However despite its popularity, afilmywap has another major edge over similar websites: it allows you to download motion pictures for free. That’s right! Unlike many of its competitors, which force you to join fees and pay monthly membership fees, afilmywap has no charge for downloading. What is more, you don’t have to use any special software to get the latest new bollywood movies, nor do you have to worry about the quality of the movies since they are already in Bollywood format.

The site features a wide range of popular Hindi films, ranging from the old favourites to the most recent offerings. You can choose which ones you want to download. It even offers downloads of some popular international blockbusters. You will also be able to get access to some of the most beautiful Indian motion pictures in the language including Hero, Maqbool Fida Husain’s Baahubali, Hrithik Roshan’s Humko Gaya, Om Shanti Om, Kamal’s Baahubali, and more.

But what do you get when you choose to download afilmywap? On the download page, you will see many famous Hindi movie posters. Some feature award winning actors while others are from well known Hindi films. You will also see many celebrities in action from Bollywood.

On the home page, there is a FAQ that tries to answer the commonest queries of people who are using the service. In it, you will get answers to such questions as, why download Hindi movies from sites like AfriyWap? Why should we watch these movies? How do we get foreign motion pictures into our computer? What are the different kinds of MP3 players available in the market today? Read the rest of this article at your leisure.

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