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Holistic Yoga: A Fitness Muntra

“One can be said to be in a perfect state of health when one is physically fit, mentally calm and emotionally steady,” Sri Shri Ravi Shankar. Beyond just physical fitness, yoga improves the capacity of one’s mind and emotions.

Yoga practice that is in the spirit of fitness goals for families

My father was a man who was an avid sports fan I would often go when he played tennis with him. My dad would often bring home trophy awards when he won tournaments in basketball as well as tennis and bowling. Although I didn’t become an expert tennis player, as my dad had in secret to, I was eager to share his desire to be fit. For me, this meant participating in games, attending dance lessons and learning about yoga and meditation to increase my energy levels.

Yoga can improve fitness levels at all levels

Fitness also means being able to deal with the changes that occur with a calm and peaceful mind. Yoga is a way to stay healthy across all three levels of our life including the body, breath, and the mind. In the realm of our body, we can get an all-body workout through the practicing yoga postures. Engaging in breathing exercises, also known as pranayamas improves the capacity of your lungs. By focusing on breath as well as meditation, yoga postures and yoga aid in helping to relax minds when the emotions are both high and low at various moments.

With a calmer and clear mind more effective decision-making occurs and the mind can stay focused on the job for a longer period of time and increase mental capability.

When something happens which isn’t in line with the expected outcome, the most common reaction is anger. How long can that anger last? As per Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, “It is only for as long as the line drawn across the surface of the water. A few carry the anger of the day before, prior month or ten years in the past. The mind is afflicted. Meditation can help. Pranayama, Sudarshan Kriya and yoga are the solutions.”

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Yoga and the link between the body and breath

Did you notice your breath you take in when you smell of flowers? In a recent stroll in Paris in the tip of the spring season, I saw the blossoming flowers spilling out over the gates of the garden. Inhaling deeply the scent of daffodils and roses, I sat and observed my breath. I was taking long, deep breaths. My body was energized with energy, or the vital life force known as prana. I felt alert, strong and joyful, ready to face whatever challenge awaited my in my.

A person can go without food or sleep for a couple of days and still live. But how long can someone go without breathing? Breathing and yoga are inextricably linked. By focusing on your breathing and doing breathing exercises that increase the lung capacity, yoga maintains the energy level. If the body is at an elevated level of prana, your mind is calm and content.

When I am feeling tired or dull I am lacking of prana. Through the daily practice of pranayamas (breathing techniques) I am able to feel having more energy or prana throughout the day. After my pranayams or yoga routine, even when I am exhausted I find that I can recover much more quickly than I was before. Yoga is the best method to remain healthy and young. Sri Sri shares with us that prana is gained through pranayama, eating fresh food as well as deep relaxation and by an relaxed and happy mind.

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Yoga class every day

It is not difficult to do yoga. As with a conversation with a partner, yoga is easily incorporated into your daily routine. Yoga requires an area that is quiet and ventilated. Today, with our busy schedules, practicing yoga is an investment in time. The trophy that the yogi takes home is a simple and long-lasting smile.



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