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How Do Gardening Businesses Make Money

How do gardening businesses make money
How do gardening businesses make money

I am founder of The Present Tree, a thriving online shop, selling beautifully gift- wrapped trees as luxury, organic gifts. A few years ago, I had a yearning to start my own business. I wanted to do something that I love and for it to be successful. We live on a farm where we’ve been growing and planting trees for over 20 years, and it was actually while walking through the woodlands here one day, that I had my light bulb moment. I thought I could combine my passion for trees and our ancient heritage, with my love of beautiful design to create


How do gardening businesses make money

The Present Tree. Before I even came up with the idea for The Present Tree, I sat down and was really honest with myself, and looked at my strengths, my personal strengths and my weaknesses and that actually really allowed me to look at what I was best at, it also meant that as the business grew, I could bring people on board who were better than me at certain skills, with different strengths and that then creates an empowered, efficient team. So, the start-up phase is basically all about getting out there and being heard, and that is, again, stepping outside your comfort zone to do that. I went out to every school fair and market and coffee morning, and I stood there with my table and my trees before I even had an online shop. I wanted to listen to my customers, find out what they thought, hear their feedback and show off my business, as well as generating some revenue, which was then reinvested back into the company. Starting your own business and running it as a successful profitable company is going to take time and commitment, and a massive responsibility.

How do gardening businesses make money

That’s why it’s so crucial to do something you love. I seldom look back, it’s not something that’s in my nature to do, I feel that if something happens, there are hiccups, there can be mini disasters, and it’s what you learn from that and how you react to it. Good comes of everything and it’s all about saying okay so we’ll try not to do that again and move on. As we build our market in Europe we also are focusing on establishing in other parts of the world. We actually in a nutshell, we want to be the Interflora for trees. I would suggest to anyone who wants to start their own business, to put their own personality into their business idea, it means that you are using your own strengths and natural skills, and doing something you love. I would also suggest that is quite scary, but always step outside your comfort zone. That’s where the magic happens, that’s where you find opportunities and all possibilities. And my third tip for anyone who is starting their own business would be to pay it forward, to listen to your customers, to help other people. You always get back in return and thank you so much friends for reading this article .



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