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How to Grow Mango Tree From Seed at Home

Hey everybody its Rob the backyard gardener and it’s been over two and a half months since my last update on my mango tree that I’m growing from seed you’ll recall in the last update he had just barely hit nine months and I said I’d wait a couple of months to update him because he had that winter frost damage it took him several months to recover.

How to Grow Mango Tree From Seed at Home

I would didn’t want to give an update until I saw some progress again and so here he is almost that one year two weeks away from a year old let’s get you updated so here he is growing every single week now you recall on the last update he was in a smaller pot so about a month after the last update when I saw recovering well I did get him into a bigger pot since he’s going to be out here in the Texas heat where it gets a hundred degrees quite often and I thought you know what I’d rather subject him to a little bit of transplant shock.

Now that he’s healthy into a bigger pot that can absorb some of the heat that’s out here so I don’t bake his roots and inhibit some future growth so I did that about a month ago and it did slow down his growth it took him about two to three weeks to start putting on more sighs but he did grow about six to eight inches since the last update so he’s definitely getting a lot taller you’ll recall if you refer back to the last video and I’ll put a link up here for you guys to check it out in case you’re new to my channel or miss that episode but he only had three sets of leaves on the last one one two three so he was right about here as far as height on the last episode.

He has added all this new growth so about six inches and he’s just now starting to put on another set of growth right here so I would expect over the next three or four months that he’s finally going to start taking off again I’ll tell you he had those few extra nodes on that last video and they started come out just like about like this when I transplanted him and they stayed in that state for literally four to five weeks and I thought I knew is going to go through some shock but I didn’t know if he was going to recover as fast as I thought well once he put on that growth boom a set grew in within a couple of weeks and boom another sets coming in so he’s definitely definitely doing well I’m pretty happy obviously he’s approaching a year mango tree should be about three to four feet at this point but because of that frost damage chopping off the top foot dropping all his leaves transplant shock you name it he struggled now this guy sits in my yard in a pot but he sits in relative shade.

What I mean by that is he does get patches of sunlight but this direct sunlight that he’s in now for filming it would be the most sunlight he’s gotten directly over any period of time over the last several months partly because I was afraid of warming the smaller pot partly because of the the damage he had gone through from the freeze and partly because he’s still a young plant that being said 100 degree temperatures with dry heat out here is not the best thing for him I just want to get this video filmed and show you how he’s doing he’s grown well growing really well I’m pretty happy with him obviously

How to Grow Mango Tree From Seed at Home

I wish I didn’t have the setback that we did but now that we’ve passed the setback he’s starting to grow on size pretty quickly and it’s really cool because these smaller shoots that you see here they’ll come in they’ll turn burgundy or purplish color then once they open up they literally lay flat they’re like really really fragile leaves and then once they mature they stand up erect like this and they look a lot better a lot of you asked me to update this series more often the reason why I haven’t is at this point right now we’re not in any other process besides putting on size and girth and his trunk is just now starting to get that wood effect to it because he’s just starting to mature a little bit now these going on a year I’ll tell you I really thought we were going to get some side shooting other than this one that we have and those ones never really broke any other bud besides what you see so at this point I don’t want to subject him to any pruning topping trimming I don’t want to do anything else more to him I just want him to focus on getting a better root system established in this bigger pot continue to put on size and height and help him up as much as possible because in about middle of November he’ll go from being an outside plant to being an inside plant at that point if he’s too tall if he’s over 4 or 5 feet then I will have to do some kind of topping and maybe that will promote some lateral side shoots as well anyway hopefully you guys are still enjoying this series I’ll be updating it every couple of months

I will do it more frequently once we get something more happening on as far as action like if he gets a side shoot coming out of here or he does something different then thanks for reading this blog  and happy gardening. Thank you

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